Such harmonious Madness...
Such harmonious Madness...


rwby volume 2 highlights; chapter 1 : Best Day Ever


DIY Cheap and Easy Chanel Perfume iPhone Case Tutorial and Printable from Dream, Create (using beads from Walmart). You could add a chain and make it into a necklace like the one Kelly Osbourne is wearing - which she got on amazon. Top Photos: Kelly Osbourne here. Bottom Photos: DIY by Dream, Create.


DIY Cheap and Easy Embroidery Thread Bead Bracelet Tutorials from How Did You Make This? As usual a beautifully photographed and easy to understand tutorial from How Did You Make This? Perfect for a beginner.


DIY or Buy: $1,245 Christian Louboutin “Louis Spikes”. I just got a message from kittypupgorawr asking where to find acrylic spikes which could be used to DIY these sneakers. I checked my usual source for studs and spikes - - but didn’t see acrylic spikes (I could have missed them!). If you google “acrylic spikes” or “acrylic cone spikes” you will see places like Etsy and Amazon where you can buy them.

You could also spray paint spikes like in this DIY I posted from Say Yes below.


DIY Inspiration: Rough Crystal Crowns. Rough Crystals and wire worked crowns. I’ve posted before where to look for “rough crystals” and I have lots of tutorials on wire working (tagged wire on my blog).


Handmade crowns by Elemental Child.


DIY Anthropologie Lime Blossom Bracelet Tutorial from Flamingo Toes. Very clear tutorial plus Flamingo Toes has an excellent "jewelry tips" page. For the original $58 Anthropologie Lime Blossom Bracelet go here

For one of the best knockoff archives go here:

For 18 DIY Knockoffs below go here and here.


DIY No Sew Alexander Wang Insprired Suspension Skirt Tutorial from Deconstrut. She used a $6.95 Jersey skirt from H&M. GIF by me using I’m not sure how this will wash and I wish bloggers mentioned how their DIYs held up after wearing and washing (like inspiration & realisation). Top Photo: $460 Alexander Wang Suspension Skirt. Bottom Photo: DIY by Deconstrut.


DIY Giant 8 Foot Long Squid Body Pillow Tutorial and Pattern from Whimsy Craft. This was originally on Tumblr (89,000 notes) but the important pattern photo link and other photo links are dead at Build-A-Diy. So what do you do when this happens? You use google image search - check out my 5 steps to finding the original souce here - and see if someone else posted their own version.

  • Top Photo: DIY by Build-A-DIY
  • Bottom Photo: DIY by Whimsy Craft


How to Get Your Own Imgur Codes So You Don’t Have Broken Image Links and How to Insert Images Into the Tumblr Text Box.

I’ve seen so many broken image links recently that I’ve started using imgur and lunapic to get my own image codes so my links stay active. If you simply copy a link you can’t be sure if it will still be there tomorrow. Once that link or photo is deleted by the site you got it from your image link is dead.

The example above is from lunapic - which I prefer because you can scale images to fit your theme.

*You can also “copy and paste” an image but it won’t be scaled correctly (at least for my theme) and you run the risk of the link being broken.


DIY Quick Change Lips Necklace from Dare to DIY. Nail polish totally transformed this H&M necklace. Go to the link for the before photo and tips for using nail polish on jewelry.


DIY How To Fold 6 Animal Towels Infographic from Terrys Fabrics. How to fold:

  • Swan Towel
  • Monkey Towel
  • Elephant Towel
  • Crab Towel
  • Mouse
  • Snake


DIY Inspiration: Harry Potter Potion Bottle Necklaces from Enchanted Wonderland - no longer an Etsy seller. These mini bottles are made from crystal beads, bead caps and other jewelry findings. Photos Clockwise:

  • Magic Wings Potion Necklace.It will give you a pair of wings and you will have the ability to fly among the sky.”
  • Draught of Living Death Potion Necklace. “The “Draught of Living Death” is an extremely powerful sleeping potion. It sends the drinker into a deep trance that mimics the state of death.”
  • Love Potion Amortentia Necklace. "Amortentia is the most powerful Love Potion in the world. It causes a powerful infatuation or obsession in the drinker. It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person themselves don’t acknowledge their fondness for the object of their affection. Amortentia doesn’t create actual love, but it does cause a powerful infatuation or obsession. For that reason, it is probably the most dangerous love potion in the world."
  • Back to the Past Potion Necklace. “This is for those who wish to return to the past - because of some sweet memories, or someone they love.”

Three of the necklaces had charms attached to a necklace extender. 2 Hearts for the Love Potion Necklace, a timer attached to the Back to the Past Necklace, and a wing for the Magic Wings Neclace.


truebluemeandyou: You know how I only post really easy recipes on my blog? I think this “recipe” out does anything I’ve posted or reblogged ever. Also read the comments on The Glitter Guide - some people are having “problems” making this donut cake.


DIY 1 Ingredient Donut Cake. I first saw this on Pinterest - “Things I Hate About Pinterest - Because despite its many wonders, Pinterest is mostly cat pictures, bad grammar and bacon recipes.” Warning: For advanced bakers only - take 24 donuts and arrange them on a cake stand (maybe it’s the cake stand makes this a cake?). "Recipe" and "how to" from The Glitter Guide. Everything I love about DIY on the internet!